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    Amato Woodworks Portland Oregon

    Copywriter + Web Designer + Web Producer

    Prime Electrical and Exhibition Services

    Copywriter + Web Designer + Web Producer

    Jackson Exterminators Portland Oregon

    Copywriter + Web Designer + Web Producer

    Pacifica with Nancy Judd

    Creative Director

    IVme Chicago


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    Oregon Annual Report

    Copywriter + Creative Director

    Oregon Ranching

    Copywriter + Web Producer

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    Personal stories from 30 days in the Brazilian Amazon


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    "If you don't know the trees, you may be lost in the forest, but if you don't know the stories, you may be lost in life."



    Whether hearing, reading, writing or telling them, I love stories. They connect us with our past, personify the present and influence our future. I started J. Grace Media to help non-profits and businesses share their stories and evoke action.


    I have a background in journalism and have put my storytelling skills to work for nearly 15 years. My experience includes writing copy for websites, blogs, press releases, emails, newsletters, brochures and social media, while also developing multi-channel marketing strategy.


    You have a great story. Let me help tell it.

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    Phone: 503-318-1316



    "Julia is creative, reliable and extremely personable. She communicates professionally, both orally as well as in written form. She thinks big picture while starting with the smallest details. She's a great team player but works effectively independently as well."

    -AnnMarie Fauske, Customer Outreach & Digital Media Manager


    "Julia is a good writer, reporter and editor. She possesses excellent language skills. She is personable, dependable and does quality work."

    -John Ryan, Professor


    "Julia proved to be an exceptional reporter during her internship at the Daily Herald. She brought a very polished approach to the beat, and was a quick study. But what really stood out was her ability to self-generate ideas. Many interns can do what they're told. Few suggest ideas, let alone good ones. Julia not only suggested some winners, but brought them home with the touch of a more veteran writer."

    -Kurt Gessler, Deputy Editor


    "Julia is an exceptional marketing and communications professional. At The Nature Conservancy, she initially worked for me as a Conservation Writer. She did an outstanding job producing all types of print and electronic communications for a variety of audiences. Julia had a knack for making often complex scientific topics engaging for our donors, members and the general public. I promoted Julia to Digital Marketing Manager, the first role of this kind in our group. Julia took on this new position with relish, producing first-rate web and social media content. She was also a leader on digital marketing for our team, developing successful content projects that spanned our state chapters and increasing our staff's understanding of the rapidly changing social media environment. Julia is an extremely hard worker and a great team player. Her passion for protecting the natural world is palpable in everything she does. I found Julia a joy to work with and given the opportunity, I would rehire her."

    -Tom Eisenhart, Senior Marketing Director


    "From the very start of working with Julia, I could tell that she 'just gets it.' Her writing style is smart and also descriptive. She impresses me with her ability to turn a science-heavy concept into something very relatable and interesting. And above all else, Julia's demeanor is that of professional and friendly, making her a joy to work with."

    -Tracy Mlakar, National Stewardship Communications Manager